Thursday, December 25, 2008

Derek on the move

I took this video in hopes that Derek would repeat what happened just prior. It wasn't meant to be. Derek took the bow off of a present, played with it for a minute, and then it got stuck on his arm. He saw it and tried to get it. Of course he couldn't, but he continued to try. He was spinning around in circles chasing it - think of a cat chasing its tail. It was hilarious.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We had a lovely morning. The boys had a great time opening and playing with all their gifts. Brent has enjoyed playing a new video game. I've been helping Elliott figure out his new toys and now I have a little break while Derek is sleeping and Elliott is watching a new movie from Grandma and Grandpa. I figured I'd take the time to post some pictures of our festivities. I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas.

Christmas Eve

The stockings were hung...

Presents, presents, and more presents.

Derek was thrilled to finally be allowed to play with the presents that he's been eyeing for the last week or so. He had fun playing with his toys as well as the wrapping paper and especially his big brother's presents.

I'm in heaven! (Although the face may not show it.)

"Why didn't I get any of this stuff?"

Derek found what he wanted - candy from someone else's stocking

Happy together!

Cool toys

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On Tuesday, I took Elliott to the park to meet some friends to go sledding. Only problem was that no one else showed up. That was a bummer but Elliott still had fun sliding down the hill on a trash bag. It was a little slower than a sled - probably a good thing for Elliott.
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa's Elves

On Thursday Elliott had his preschool Christmas program. He did a great job saying his line and singing all the songs. Those have got to be the cutest bunch of elves!


Derek's first picture with Santa. Not bad!

On Monday the 15th we went to Stringtown to ride the "Polar Express". It's a little neighborhood in Lindon that has a miniature train running through it. They take you for a ride to the "North Pole" to visit Santa. After the kids sit on Santa's lap, Santa tells the story of the candy cane and reminds the kids to remember Jesus at Christmas, and then you take the train back to the station. On the ride back you go past a nativity scene and lots of pictures of Christ. It's super cute. It would have been nice to have a little more snow on the ground to make the North Pole a little more authentic, but it was plenty cold, or should I say, FREEZING!

Snow Fun

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Elliott was so excited it finally snowed enough to play in. The first day he had fun making a snow angel and playing outside until he finally realized he was really cold. He didn't have any boots or proper gloves that day. The second day we made a snowman. By the time we were done he was once again freezing. This time he had new boots but still no good gloves. The first two days of snow play ended in major tears since he wasn't properly outfitted for the freezing cold. The picture of Elliott smiling with the snowman was actually taken the following day. Now he has a better coat, mittens, and boots, so he stays out longer with no tears. The third day he was outside for a long time having a blast. Notice how he cleaned off the hood of the car. He was just walking around catching snowflakes with his tongue. Hooray for winter clothes!

Enter the Blogging World

I finally decided to start a blog. The thought has crossed my mind a few times but I usually just brush it aside thinking I would never have enough cute pictures to post or anything worth writing about. Lately things happen and I think, that would be a good thing to write on a blog. Oh wait, I don't have a blog. I guess I'm out to prove myself wrong. Hopefully this will be good motivation for me to take more pictures and to actually write about things that do happen. Brent thought I should let Shakespeare give me ideas for my title, and this is the one that stood out. I thought it fitting, since usually if someone asks me how I spend my time, I can't usually think of anything specific that I do. I just take care of the boys and make sure we all have the things we need. Pretty much I feel like I "do" nothing, when really there is a lot going on. So, here goes...