Monday, March 15, 2010

Saint George

Two weekends ago we were able to go down to Saint George for the weekend as a family. Stephen and Amy gave us 2 nights at a timeshare for Christmas. We stayed in a nice 2 bedroom place - bigger than our apartment and nicer too. :) We drove down Friday afternoon and went to Pirate Island for dinner. On Saturday we went to Johnson Farm Dinosaur Discovery Site. Just back in 2000 someone was preparing some land for development when they found a bunch of dinosaur tracks. They built a building around the site so visitors can come see them. The wall Brent and the boys are standing in front of is the longest single trail of dinosaur tracks in the world. It's pretty cool. After that we went to lunch at a delicious restaurant that my friend Michelle told me about, Bear Paw Cafe. It was so good! They have the best breakfast menu. The french toast was 1 1/2 inch thick cut in the middle and filled with vanilla brule. It was amazing! After lunch we went back to the timeshare for Derek's nap. Elliott and I went swimming. The pool was heated, so it was nice, but it's still weird to think we were outside swimming in 60 degree weather. Elliott loved being able to go swimming. They had a 2 foot pool that we stayed in. It was perfect.

After naptime we went to Snow Canyon State Park. We went to the sand dunes and then into Jenny's Canyon. Elliott and I hiked up to the lookout. It was beautiful - all the red rocks and red sand. We were hoping to hike one more trail that had lava flows, but the weather wasn't cooperating. It was getting really windy and starting to rain and we didn't want to get stuck outside in that. We still had a good time outside. We stayed another night and went home Sunday afternoon. It was really nice to get away as a family for the weekend.

Only 5 1/2 weeks left of school for Brent. It's hard to believe the end is almost here. We are looking forward to graduation. I'm heading to PA on Thursday to find a place to live. I'm hopeful I'll find something good.

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Derek's Obsessions

Derek has recently become obsessed with trains. He LOVES to play with the Geo Trax. He will spend hours playing with them every day. The first day of his obsession he hardly ate anything all day, he was too busy playing. Yesterday we decided to put the trains away for a day to give us our living room back. All day long Derek would say "choo-choo trains" wanting to play. He would go to our room and drag out the train stations. He can't get into the rest of the box so he just kept asking for them. We managed to a second day without the trains, but I'm sure I'll have to give in soon. Derek has even figured out how to put the tracks together. Elliott is nice to help Derek build new tracks. It's nice to have the boys play together.

Derek has also fallen in love with the broom. He loves to push is around. He's a good little helper.

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I did it!

I did it! I ran my first race - the Rex Lee Run 5K. I have been training for it since October with my friend, Laura. We had our doubts if we could really run that far, but we worked hard to get there. It feels great to accomplish a race. It was pretty rough but we did it and that's what counts. I don't know my official time but it should be just under 33 minutes. We even ran a bit faster and further than when we were training. We knew it would be a little longer we just figured we'd save the longer part for the race. :) Now to be motivated to keep running...

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