Friday, October 30, 2009

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Whoever said the 2nd year of the MBA program was easier was either crazy or else their husband didn't have hard classes or didn't work or didn't have to find a job. Brent has been super busy this semester. He's got a full load of tough classes, works as a TA, and is job searching like crazy. He also just got asked by the company he interned for to work for them on the side (with all that extra time he has). It's quite a privilege to have been asked to help, since he's the only one that was. They really liked him there (of course, because he's awesome). He has travelled a ton this semester too and it's barely 1/2 over. He's been to New Orleans (career fair), Minneapolis (career fair), New York (networking), and New York again right now (job interview). He goes to Palo Alto and Charlotte in a couple weeks for more interviews. We are thrilled that he has received all the interviews he has. He has been really blessed for all his hard work. Here's to hoping for even better news when offers start coming in. :) Keeping our fingers crossed. I'm so proud of you Brent! We love you!

Cougar Run and Homecoming Parade

Elliott ran in the Cougar Run on Saturday. It's part of the Homecoming festivities. He ran with 5 and 6 year old boys for 400 meters. He had fun doing it (even if he did come in 20th out of 21 runners). Good job Elliott! Elliott and Collin before the race. Elliott and Mason afterwards. Way to go boys!

Watching the parade with the Joneses. The kids all had fun, especially going after all the candy.

And of course no parade would be complete without the marching band. Go Cougars! (Too bad they got creamed in the game later in the day.)

Crazy Hair and Cute Faces

Last week was Red Ribbon Week at school. One day was crazy hair day. I used gel and made Elliott's hair stand up. It was as crazy as I could make it. I offered to spray it black, but when I told him he'd have to take a shower afterwards, he decided against it. Silly boy.

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Las Vegas Fun

A couple weeks ago I took the boys to Las Vegas since Elliott has a few days off of school. We had a great time visiting family and friends. It's always fun to stay at Grandma and Popeye's house. Here are lots of pictures showing all the fun we had.
Derek loved going up and down the stairs. He was pretty proud of himself and now is quite the pro.

Town Square with Grandma, Curt, Ethan, and Caitlyn

Visiting Heather Fife and family. It was so fun to see them after several years.

The park with Grandma.

Party time with the all the family living in Vegas.

We spent some time at Chris and Kara's new house. The kids had a blast!

The District - trolley and carousel.
Mount Charleston with Daniel, Ashlee, Maya, Grandma, and Popeye. We hiked up to waterfall (I like to call it a water-trickle). There wasn't much to it, but it was still a nice hike. The hike itself was a little challenging with the little ones, but they made it.
Elliott on the way down: "I'm following the water. It's like I am the water."
We went to Curt's house after the hike. He made dinner for us. Way to go Curt!
We went to the Painted Mountain Ward on Sunday. I always love going back there. I love that ward! Thanks to so many good friends.
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Derek and I went to Pumpkinland with our MBASA friends. They had a corn maze, a petting zoo (of sorts), and a big playground. Derek wasn't too thrilled to be there. I think he was pretty tired. He liked playing in the dirt more than anything. Elliott got to go there the following week with Kindergarten. He got to ride on a school bus for the first time. He had fun.

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