Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The boys eagerly participated in the pumpkin carving this year. At first when I asked Derek if he wanted to touch the inside of the pumpkin he said No. Then Elliott said he wanted to take the insides out. Once he started, Derek decided he wanted to help too. They did great. It was nice to have helpers. Usually I do it myself and it's not my favorite thing. Elliott designed the pumpkin on the right. They both turned out great and everyone had fun.

Derek wasn't so sure he wanted to dress up as anything. I bought a couple cute costumes and tried them on him, but he didn't like wearing them. So, I took them back. At one of the stores, the sales lady said to Derek, "You don't want to be a dragon?" Derek's reply was, "No Derek be dragon, no Derek be robot (the other costume I bought), no Derek be doctor." Well, he summed up his feelings on the subject. In the end I won with the doctor costume (leftover from Elliott). I figured he couldn't have many objections to it, since it's just like regular clothes. The night of Trunk-or-Treat, he wanted to take it off after I snuck it on him while changing his diaper. I bribed him with candy. It worked and he didn't complain anymore. He even let me put it on him again for real trick-or-treating. I was lucky Elliott decided he wanted to be a skeleton again. That was easy. He loved having his face painted.
Ward Trunk-or-Treat

School Halloween Parade

I took the boys trick-or-treating on Friday night. That was our township's designated trick-or-treat night from 6-8. Yes, they tell you exactly when you can go. I was a little nervous about the whole thing and unsure how it would go. It was really easy - if the house's porch light was on, they were giving out candy. It just seems weird to have trick-or-treating scheduled for a different night. They do it every year. I've heard it's so the kids aren't out on a school night. I'm sure there are other reasons. For the really ambitious, you could trick-or-treat 4 or 5 nights during the week of Halloween. Pretty crazy. After about 1 1/2 hours, the boys were done. Brent stayed home and passed out candy. Unfortunately, not many trick-or-treaters came here. Most stick to the bigger neighborhood across the street. Now I know for next year. All in all, Halloween was a success. The boys got plenty of candy. That's all we hear about from Derek. He doesn't eat meals well anymore (even though he doesn't get candy unless he does eat). Everyone had fun. I'm glad it only comes around once a year.
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