Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We went miniature golfing to celebrate my birthday.  It was Derek's first time.  The boys did pretty well.  Fun times for all.
This was just too funny.  I had a whole 3 candles on my cake - one for each decade of my life (the extra 4 years don't count).  I went to blow the candles out and barely got 1 out.  I was laughing so hard.  When I tried again, I got one more out.  It was too much.  It took 3 tries to blow out 3 candles.  I guess I really am getting old.  (They were just regular candles.  I can't even pretend they were trick candles.)  Funniest thing ever!
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First Day of School

Elliott - 3rd grade, Mrs. Hudak / Derek - 4 year old preschool, Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Fekula

These boys were so excited for school to start!  Here's to another great year.
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Last Week of Summer

Monday - Elliott and I went to an Iron Pigs game.  Elliott won tickets from a raffle as part of the summer reading program at the library.  He won the baseball themed basket, with a series of baseball books, a bunch of sports themed rubber ducks, and 2 tickets to a game.  Derek was bummed he couldn't go.  We had a fun time.  We stayed through 11 innings.  The Pigs finally lost in the 13th.
Tuesday - the boys love bowling!
Wednesday - Get the Scoop - see your classroom/meet your teacher
Thursday - Brent took the day off so we could go to Knoebels.  It's an amusement park with free admission and free parking.  You pay per ride like at a fair.  The location is really pretty.  We had a great day.
Friday - Trexler Nature Preserve - the weather was perfect!  The boys had a blast playing in the creek.
 I decided to end the summer with a fun-filled week of activities.  We had a great summer.  It went by much faster than I thought it would.
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Pics of the most adorable boy!

Preston is 7 months old!!  Where is the time going?  The beginning of August brought his first 2 teeth on the bottom.  He started sitting by himself and then began doing the army crawl.  He gets anywhere he wants to now.  He gets up on all fours a lot but doesn't make it far that way.  He always has something in his mouth - fingers, burp cloth, toys, toes - anything goes.  He loves playing with the bags of wipes.  He has an affinity for cords - he can always find one that hasn't been hidden.  He climbs under and over things to get to them.  The beginning of September brought the top 2 teeth, with a third on its way.  It's been lots of fun with all the teeth.  His smile is forever changed.  He is so much fun.  He adores his brothers.  He loves his momma.  He's not very cuddly, but he's still the sweetest baby ever!
August pics
September - 7 months old

Second Half of Summer Adventures

We had a fun-filled summer.  Here is the second installment of pictures.
Fire station tour
Amazing Fire Station Park - all the toys are fire themed and it's located right next to a fire station.
Yet another trip to DaVinci Science Center.
Derek's friend, Christopher's birthday party at Bounce U.  Derek was really nervous at first but eventually warmed up and had a blast!

More pool time.  Oddly enough no one is in the pool.  The boys had a great time swimming this year.  Elliott and Derek are so much more comfortable with the water.  Preston not so much yet, but I didn't put him in much since he was so little.  He usually just slept in the stroller.
End of the summer beach trip with Allison and Camille.  3 moms, 15 kids.  The weather was beautiful!  I'm looking forward to next summer when Preston is a little older and able to do something other than be held.  He did pretty good.  Elliott loved the water this time.  Derek is still content to just play in the sand.
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