Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day of School 2011

I'm finally getting around to posting 1st day of school pictures. Elliott started 2nd grade at Kernsville Elementary on September 6th. The day couldn't come soon enough for either of us. We had a good summer, but it was time for it to be over. Elliott's teacher is Mrs. Bruchak. She seems like a great teacher. I had to chance to meet her the Friday before school started. I've been impressed so far. I had a question for her, so I emailed her and she called me that evening. Elliott's goal this year is to keep his desk clean. He's also working on writing neatly. His teacher hangs up papers that are written well. He was proud to get something up on the board earlier this week.

Derek started preschool at Asbury United Methodist Church on the following Monday. He was so excited. He was a little nervous going in the first day, but he warmed up quickly. He loves going to preschool Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week. His teachers are Mrs. Shephard and Mrs. Kollar. They are wonderful with the kids. Derek looks all grown up.

Elliott has a goofy smile because he lost a tooth right before leaving for school. He was pretty excited about that. Derek didn't want his picture taken, so he was just being plain goofy.

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Tooth Incident

**UPDATE**So, after a couple weeks, I heard back from General Mills. They got the lab results back and apparently the object was a piece of plastic. I'm not 100% convinced, but it sounds better than it being a tooth. They compensated me with a $15 check and a bunch of free product coupons (not for Bisquick). Not bad. I'm just glad to lay the matter to rest.

I know a lot of people saw my facebook post about the mysterious object I was so fortunate to discover while eating my pancakes last week. I believe it is a tooth complete with bloodstains on the back. Whatever it is, it's hard and gross and not something you want to discover while eating dinner. Some people wanted to see the tooth, so I finally took pictures of it to post here. I did finally contact General Mills regarding the issue. I sent an email and they ended up calling me. I spoke with them today and they want me to send the object to them so they can do testing on it and find out what it really is and see if there is any other foreign matter in what is left of the box of Bisquick. (Sorry to all you Bisquick fans.) Hopefully by next week sometime I will be able to update my post with their findings. But for now, here it is in all it's grossness.

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