Sunday, July 22, 2012

Question of the Day

Derek:  When the Lamanites don't want to pray, they say "Moo Moo."  Why do they say "Moo Moo?"
Me (clearly confused):  What???
Derek:  The Lamanites say, "Moo Moo."
Me (understanding dawns):  Oh, you mean they murmur?
Derek:  Oh, yeah, that.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

4 months old

Preston is 4 months old already!  How the time is flying.  He is a big boy, weighing in at 13 lbs 14 oz and measuring 26 1/2 inches long.  Preston has the most adorable smile.  We all love to make him laugh.  The boys had him going for a while tonight.  It was super cute.  He is pretty mild-mannered.  He does great at night.  He has been waking up once during the night, usually around 2 or 3, but the last several days he has gone all night, until about 5:30.  He's in bed between 6:30 and 7 every night.  It's wonderful.  I'm hoping that trend continues.  He usually wakes up happy.  I often wake up to the sound of him sucking on his hands.  He's not the best napper, but I take what I can get.  He does do well when we're out.  When I know he's tired, if I put him in his car seat and cover him up, he goes to sleep without much fuss.  It's really nice.  I still find myself putting off things that need to be done around the house to sit and play with or just watch Preston.  He is an absolute joy to all of us.  The boys love to talk to him and play with him.  Preston has torticollis, as did Derek.  We're hoping to avoid getting a helmet. His head isn't nearly as flat as Derek's was.  He has been getting physical therapy for almost 2 months to help strengthen and stretch his neck, as well as to help him learn other skills.  He isn't rolling over yet, although he is rolling to his sides now.  He loves chewing on things, especially his burp cloth.  He has been extra fussy the past couple weeks, so he's probably teething.  It would be nice to have something to show for all the pain - hopefully soon.  Preston started eating food about a week ago.  So far he's not really a fan.  We'll keep trying.

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Elliott's Activities

Elliott had his first Cub Scout Pack Meeting.  Technically, it was the Blue & Gold Banquet, but there wasn't a banquet.  It was a nice awards ceremony though. Elliott earned his Bobcat.  He enjoys going to Scouts.

Elliott had a great season playing baseball.  His team was the Miami Marlins.  They were a great group of boys and coaches.  There were two main coaches, but there were several dads who helped at all the practices and games.  The coaches were really encouraging and supportive.  Elliott had a lot of fun and learned more about playing his favorite sport.  It was a long season, so I'm happy it's over, but I'm glad Elliott was able to play.
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Derek's 4th Birthday and other fun events

Derek turned 4 on May 22.  We celebrated in the usual style - dinner at Friendly's and fun at Chuck E Cheese.  Derek continues to bring so much joy into our lives.  He started reading recently and learned so quickly.  He LOVES to read and is so proud of himself for being able to do it.  He also loves singing.  I love to listen to him sing along to the various "Silly Songs" CDs we have in the car as well as Primary songs, even if he is a bit off key.  That just makes it all the more endearing.  :)  In Primary he always knows the answer when they are asked the words to a song.  He is a fast learner.  He is also very bossy.  He likes to make sure things are done the way he thinks they should be done.  Derek also loves to be read to and he gives great hugs.  We love you, Derek.

End of the year Preschool trip to the Lehigh Valley Zoo

Preschool Graduation
Derek had a great year in preschool.  His teachers, Mrs. Kollar and Mrs. Shepard were fabulous.  The end of the year program was really cute.  The kids sang a bunch of fun songs.  My favorite was Peanut Butter and Jelly, which unfortunately, we didn't get a video of.  They also sang a cute skunk song.  Derek was the job boss at school.  He always knew who was in charge of what and made sure everyone did their jobs.
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