Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Is The Place!

Last Wednesday Brent got off work a couple hours early, so we went to pick him up. We had a couple hours to play before going to Theron and Lincon's birthday party, so we went to the This Is The Place monument. We arrived along with a crazy but thankfully brief storm. There were a lot of statues we were able to see and learn about. We didn't go into the village because we didn't have that much time. We'll have to plan a day for that another time.

The Pony Express Monument

After our visit, we still had some time to kill, so we found the Fort Douglas Museum. We didn't know what they'd have or if it would be free, but we were happy with the result. They have an open park area with a bunch of cannons and tanks and helicopters that have been used over the years. They even had a cannon from the Civil War! It was really neat. Of course the batteries on my camera died. At least I got one picture.

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Ten Reasons Derek Needs a Haircut

Okay, so maybe just one reason...

Brent keeps telling me Derek needs a haircut. I agree, but I have to get his 1 year pictures taken first. The same day I finally told Brent this, Derek woke up from his nap looking like this. It was a pretty funny coincidence. I have to admit I love his hair most of the time. I think it's adorable. Maybe next week...

Just a side note - Derek's one year stats: 18 lbs 3 1/2 oz, 29 inches

He's still not even on the weight chart, but he made a big jump that's in line with the chart, so the doctor was pleased.

Hooray for Cousins!

Portia and the girls were in town and stopped by for a visit. Elliott and Evelyn had a lot of fun playing together. Derek and Elizabeth thought it was pretty cool too. We are so glad they came over to play. We miss seeing them often.

We also got to see Stephen and Amy and family last week for Theron and Lincon's birthday party. That was lots of fun. The kids had a blast. We definitely need to see family more often.

The Birthday Boys

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