Sunday, May 5, 2013

Exciting News

Brent just accepted an offer that will transfer us to Southern CA.  I never thought I'd live in OC again, but you never know what life is going to bring.  It's a good job opportunity and we are excited for this new adventure in our lives.  Now that we really feel settled and at home here in PA, we're moving on.  It'll be sad to leave so many good friends and such a beautiful part of the country.  We're super excited to be closer to family and friends in the West again.  We'll be there in June/July.


  1. So hard to leave once you're settled, but we're sure glad you're coming closer!

  2. SO excited!!! I know I am/have been horrible at keeping in touch, but now we can see each other. This is GREAT news!

  3. Hooray for being back west but sorry you have to leave what I'm sure is beautiful PA.